Sega hopes to use Japanese arcades as streaming data

If you thought the 3-inch-wide Game Gear Micro was going to be the weirdest announcement out of Sega this week, think again. Instead, we give that honor to the company’s announcement of a strange and somewhat amorphous concept known as “fog gaming,” which seems set to utilize idle arcade machines to distribute a new type of cloud-gaming service in Japan.

Details on the initiative are pretty scarce at the moment—the main source of English-language information is a tweet from a Japanese analyst working from a summary by a Japanese blogger (Google translate) of a story appearing in the new print issue of Japan’s Weekly Famitsu magazine. Journalist Zenji Nishikawa was teasing the story last week as a “major scoop” on the level of Wired’s revelation of the first PlayStation 5 details last year, which seems a bit grandiose for now.–get-free-robux-generator-–free-tiktok-followers-generator–free-tiktok-followers-2020–2020-tiktok-followers-generator-–2020-—free-tiktok-fans-generator—free-tiktok-fans—followers-generator–followers—likes-generator-tiktok-followers-free—–free-tiktok-followers—-$-free-v-bucks-generator-$-2020–no-survey-—2020—free-v-bucks-generator–no-survey-–free-v-bucks-generator–no-verify–no-verification

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