Jakarta, Indonesia – Son of President Joko Widodo, Kaesang Pangarep besides being known as an entrepreneur. He is also known as an eSport athlete at Genflix Aerowolf in the Mobile Legends.

His love for the multiplayer online battle arena also made him interested in making games similar to Mobile Legends. There has been a crackdown yesterday, Lokapala. One of my partners has been approached but no further discussion has been made while not going into much detail about what the game is going to look like. However, Indonesia does indeed have the first native MOBA game, Lokapala.

Lokapala is a game that has a gameplay mechanism similar to Mobile Legends, but the characters brought into the game are taken from Indonesian heroes or heroes. The game itself was developed by a local game developer called Anantarupa Studios. In his game, He provides 6 roles that players can play Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Support, and Tank.

The locals will also be adopting the same features available in Heroes of Storm as the mounting system. The players’ vehicles function to accelerate the movement of the players. It takes a while to use the mount. The original game of the boycott has officially been released by the end of January 2020. But the new Lokapala is currently open the Open Beta server or is still in trial before it is fully stable.